Moving Healing Psychiatry Forward

David H. Brendel, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Psychiatrist Practicing in the Boston Area
  • Award Winning Teacher of Medical Ethics and Professionalism
  • Author, Healing Psychiatry (MIT Press)
  • Certified Executive Coach (Leading Minds Executive & Personal Coaching)
  • Radio Show Host, VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel
  • Media Consultant - ABC News
  • Speaker on Important Issues in Psychiatry
    • Treatment Options for Mental Illness
    • Psychiatry and the Internet
    • Ethics
    • Social Networks and Psychiatry

Practicing Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist Office Boston Belmont MaI am passionate about helping people with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, borderline personality, substance abuse, eating disorders and other conditions.

My experience and expertise include helping patients determine the optimal treatment, or combination of treatments. We have so many new drugs and therapies today which makes it challenging for patients to determine where to start. The number of new medicines and therapies together with the new data emerging about their optimal uses provides challenges for doctors also.

My patients come to me for advice on where to start their therapy, including which treatment or combination of treatments to begin with. Part of my practice involves consulting with other doctors on their complex cases and the possible use of one or more of the exciting new therapies.

My clients come from the Boston area, around the United States and from Europe, the Middle East and even Asia. My practice includes high profile clients seeking the most experienced advice on the broad array of treatment options in a setting that is conducive to their particular requirements. Many of my clients from around the United States and the world have been referred to me by their local doctors for assistance with their complex cases.

Former Teacher, Harvard Medical School

I have taught a number of different classes at Harvard Medical School. Earlier in my career, my teaching focused on the clinical aspects of psychiatry. Later, my focus at Harvard Medical School was in teaching ethics not only to psychiatrists, but to all medical students. In 2011 I received an award from the Academy at Harvard Medical School for excellence in teaching in medical ethics and professionalism.


I am the author, or co-author, of dozens of peer-reviewed papers in distinguished medical journals, including the Harvard Review of Psychiatry. My book, Healing Psychiatry (MIT Press) is considered one of the most important books for mental health professionals to use as a framework for choosing treatment options.

I have also served as an editor for the Harvard Review of Psychiatry, and as a book reviewer for Oxford University Press and for Psychiatric Times.