Moving Healing Psychiatry Forward

image of book by Doctor Brendel titled Healing Psychiatry
"American psychiatry, in its commitment to biological determinism, is in danger of dehumanizing the patient it is attempting to cure. To heal itself, psychiatry must change its philosophical assumptions. I believe that Brendel is absolutely right that it needs to adopt a skeptical, pragmatic, pluralistic outlook. This is an important contribution to the philosophy of psychiatry."
--Arnold H. Modell, M. D. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
"David Brendel's masterful book is more urgent than ever.....This is an important book that should be on the bookshelf, or better yet, in the hands of every psychiatrist, clinician, and philosopher interested in mental health." [Read full review here]
--Carol Steinberg Gould Professor of Philosophy, Florida Atlantic University


  • book
    • 2006
      Healing psychiatry: Bridging the science/humanism divide
      Cambridge, MA: MIT Press Brendel DH
  • book chapters
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    • 2013
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    • 2017
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Papers & Articles

  • original articles
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  • book reviews
    • 2007
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    • 2007
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  • letter
    • 2002
      The mind-body problem. Am J Psychiatry
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  • editorial
    • 2005
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  • thesis
    • 1999
      Psychoanalysis, neuropsychiatry, and the mind: A philosophical inquiry into the contemporary status of psychological explanation.
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